The making of our fabulous photoshoot!

The ending of Summer, while the sun-filled climate was still inviting, was the perfect time for our latest photo shoot. Working with the award-winning photographer Kirill Samarits and our stunning model Dimitra Poluchronopoulou (IG: @demikarali) made the day an incredible success!

Follow us through some excerpts taken from the day...  


Preparing for the shots: When a great team works together, everything seems to be effortless as it all falls into place.  Above: Brigette Earrings | Carolina Bracelet  Right: Sandra Earrings

Fullscreen capture 992018 50029 PM.jpg

  PHOTO BOMB!  A few friends dropped by to try and grab a bit of the spotlight. Kirill and  Dimitra didn't mind at all!

Dimitra getting ready for the next set, putting on the Coriander Earrings.


When guests overstay their welcome... 



We have the greatest appreciation to our team for the incredible work they have done. As you can see, the result was fantastic! 

Marlena DuPelle