Capturing the Mykonos Collection.

In the beautiful island of Mykonos the award-winning photographer Kirill Samarits and our stunning model Dimitra Poluchronopoulou (IG: @demikarali) captured the essence of our collection perfectly. It was a fun and enjoyable to have the photo shoot in such a wondrous place.

When a great team works together, everything seems to be effortless as it all falls into place. 

Dimitra getting ready for the next set, putting on the Coriander Earrings. On the right she wears the Adeline earrings in rose gold with cream center stones.

Marlena DuPelle
Timeless is Always Trendy.

Romantically themed photo shoot that took place early this year. Photographer Mirella Sfakianaki with our gorgeous model Demi @demikarali.

Marlena DuPelle

Just a few of the publications that have featured Marlena DuPelle jewelry in the past year.

Marlena DuPelle