Terms of Service



All jewelry pieces are made to order. Items can be returned for site credit ONLY if they are returned/shipped within 4 DAYS of receiving them. The jewelry must be returned in its original packaging and perfect condition.  Jewelry exchanged must be of equal or greater value.  Custom orders (size, color etc) is NOT refundable/returnable.


US & Canada:  1 item = $33

2+ items = $39

Europe: 1 item = $29

2+ items =  $35

Australia & New Zealand: 1 item = $36

  2+ items = $42

Rest Of The World:  1 item = $38  

2+ items = $45

Express SPM Shipping is used for all orders. Shipping fees can be subject to change. 

Any repairs will be subject to a fee determined on a case by case basis. Please include photos and the copy of your original invoice. Shipping costs for each way will be the customers responsibility.


All of our designs and our photographs are the sole property of Ambrosia Bridal LLC and are COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. Any infringement upon these copyrights will be disputed.